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Sieveking Products Company is the premier publisher of Locksmith books and manufacturer of Locksmith tools. If you find a Locksmith Tool here, it will be of the finest materials and workmanship. If you find a Locksmith Book here, it will contain only the finest and most complete instruction on the subject. 

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I hope you find this information helpful. 
There are many endorsements of my work in the education and locksmith field.
I am particularly proud of my "Locksmith Guide™" series books on various locksmith subjects. They were written to guide the student of this work to a higher understanding of the "Craft," and equip him with the knowledge tools necessary to perform his work in a professional and profitable manner. Many of the Tips, Tricks and Methods found in these books will be found nowhere else. These are "step-by-step" How-To books, which lead the reader to a complete understanding of the subjects addressed. With the "Specific Knowledge" of the job, you will be able to begin a job with confidence and finish with consistent success. 

If you work with automotive "side-milled" keys, the Clue-Card™ System is an inexpensive and accurate alternative to high priced automatic machines and difficult to use Depth & Space keys. It will easily and quickly produce these keys by code or disassembly. 

If you have occasion to write small or intermediate size master key systems, you should have a look at the newest addition to the Locksmith Guide™ series. The Locksmith Guide to: Common Master Keying is a complete home study course on the subject. Many pages from the text will be found under the "Locksmith Guide Books" tab. Click over, and see what's there. 

If you work with I/C Interchangeable Core Cylinders, the book; The Locksmith Guide to: Interchangeable Core Service, will guide you through SFIC and LFIC cylinders and explain many of the "Manufacturer Specific" methods required to successfully service these cylinders. The text is written with "Learning Objectives" at the beginning of each Chapter and "Study Questions" at the completion of the Chapter. It could be considered a Home Study Course in Interchangeable Core Service. It is used by Institutional Locksmith shops to train their locksmiths on the subject. 
I'm sure you will find it a welcome addition to any locksmith library. This book covers I/C Core Service from Writing Master Key Systems to Pinning the Cores, in "exhaustive" detail. 

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Robert G. Sieveking