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The Clue™ is only available from Sieveking Products Co.
Universal Side-Milled Key System
The fastest, Easiest and Least Expensive way to make side-milled keys.
• No Depth & Space Keys (replaces 28 sets of D&S keys)
• No Expensive Digital Machines
• No High Cost program Updates
• No Computer Required
• Locksmith Friendly
$449.00 + s&h

Clue-Card™ Universal Side-Milled Key System

Replaces obsolete "Depth & Space" Keys and allows Code Cutting Side Milled keys on equipment you already have.
HPC 1200CM Code Machine (or equivalent) and a Side-Milling Duplicator Required. 
The Clue™ system comes complete and ready to use. There is nothing else to buy, except the pattern blanks. (Blanks are purchased from your locksmith distributor.)

The Clue-Card™ Universal Side-Milled Key System includes:
1. The Clue™ Fixture, with 2 top Clamping Jaws ("A" & "B") and the Clamping Screw.
2. 40 Clue-Card™ 1200CM Plastic micrometer cards. with full instructions on each.
3. A Full Color 32 Page Bound Operators Manual, that gives extensive background, set-up instruction and individual photographed directions for making all side-milled keys.
Clue-Card™ Applications are these:
          Clue#     Key..............................................Page (manual reference)
          002*        BMW 4-Track (S7BW-P)...................16
          003          BMW 2-Track (HU92R).....................17
          004          BMW 2-Track (HU100R)...................17
          006          Fiat 2-Track (SIP22LP)......................18
          010           Ford 2-Track (HU101) 10-space......18
          011            Ford 2-track (HU101) 7-space.........18
          015           GM 2-Track (HU100) 8-space.........19
          015a         GM 2-track (HU100) 10-space.......19
          016           GM Pontiac G8 2-t (GM45).............19
          017           GM Pontiac GTO 2-t (HU43)..........20
          020*        Honda 4-Track (HO01)....................20
          025*        Hyundai 4-Track (TOY48)...............21
          026         Hyundai 2-Track (HY18P)................21
          027          Hyundai 2-track (HY18RP).............21
          029*        Lexus 4-Track 8-8 (LXP90)...........22
          030*        Lexus 4-Track 5-5 (TOY48)...........22
          035*        Mercedes 4-Track(HU39).............23
          036         Mercedes 2-Track (HU41).............23
          037          Mercedes 2-Track (HU55).............24
          038         Mercedes 2-Track (HU64).............25
          042*       Niss. Infinity 4-Track (INF90)......25
          045*       Land Rover 4-Track (HU109FP)..26
          050        SAAB 2-Track (YM30)....................27
          055*      Subaru 08+ 4-Track (DAT17).........27
          060       Volvo 2-Track (HU56).....................28
          061*      Volvo 4-Track (Neiman)(NE66).....28
          062*     Volvo 4-Track (Valeo)(NE66)..........28
          063*     Volvo 4-Track (Ymos)(NE66).........28
          070       VW 2-Track (HU66).........................29

* Card Numbers marked “*” are for 4-Track Keys and will have two Clue™ Cards. There is a Left and a Right card, because there is a Left and Right track on each
side of the key. Left and Right Track spacing is different for many of these.
Numbering has been expanded as new keys were added.
   If you own a Clue™ system, simply request the "Free" updates by emailing:
         <>.        Ask for the latest Clue™ update.
There is no "Learning Curve." You have "step-by-step" specific instructions which will lead you to success on the very first key you cut. If you have a problem, there is a phone number "on every page" and my email address is on the last page of the manual. If you have a question, I'm as close as your phone.

The Clue™ system will work when other systems fail. "It's totally MANUAL."
Clue-Card™ System, complete                               $449.00 + s/h 
$449.00 +s&h
The Clue-Card™ has all of the information necessary to create the Pattern Key and cut the finished side-milled key.
1. Depth & Space information for the Pattern Key.
2. Graphic Illustration of the "work key" & Cutting Area.
3. Code Series, Manufacturers Web dimension, MACS spec.
4. Depth & Space information for the finished Key.
5. Depth Scale
6. Spacing Scale
7. Illustration of correct pattern Placement in the Clue™
    fixture and correct top jaw to use.
8. Cutter/ Follower Diameter, Special Instructions, Pattern
     Blank, Work Key Blank, Milling directions, Alignment
     instructions, Shim and Ramp cutting instruction.
9. Key applications. What autos use this configuration.
10. Left or Right Track application & Tumbler Contact side.
11. Proper Cutting Direction. ALWAYS cut this key from Tip
     to Bow. Other cards will indicate the proper cutting
     direction for their key and for the track that is being cut.
The Clue™ Fixture is designed to clamp securely in your side-milling duplicator.
There are two "Top" Clamping Jaws. There is an "A" Jaw for most keys and a "B" Extended Jaw for others. The Clue-Card™ will specify which jaw is used for the key you will be making. It will also specify the correct pattern key blank to use (either the ILCO 1323L or 1063E). Both blanks are easily found safe deposit blanks. There are no special "slugs" or proprietary blanks to buy. 
The fixture is "symetrical." The Pattern can be mounted at the Left or Right side of the fixture, which is called out on the Clue-Card™. The fixture & jaws are precision machined High Tensile Tool Steel.
Cut the Pattern Key on your HPC 1200CM Code Machine, as you would any other key. Use the depth and space markings on the card to "widen and run-out" all cuts, to produce the "Laser-cut" key profile. 
This Illustration is taken from the 32 page full color Operators Manual. 
Begin at the right, and move through the cuts indicated by the bitting pattern for the desired key. At the Tip of the pattern is the "R" or Ramp Cut. This cut is made to the "R" depth, to produce the Ramp or Lead at the tip of the key. 
We are cutting a pattern for a Lexus key, so there will be two patterns. One for the Right Track, and another for the Left Track. Label the Left & Right patterns to prevent confusion.
Tip Gauge and Clamp the Pattern Key in the Clue™ Fixture.
All Pattern Keys are Tip Gauged in the fixture. Keys that are shoulder gauged and Milling Gauged are cut using Tip Gauging, to greatly simplify all cutting operations. The Clue-Card™ is calibrated to create a perfect key using tip gauging in all cases.
The key shown in this photo is clamped at the "Right" side of the fixture, using the "A" jaw. The fixture will be rotated 180° to place the clamping jaw at the "Left" side of the fixture when cutting the opposite track. 
The Clue™ Fixture and Pattern Key are Clamped in the Pattern side Key Vise. The fixture is gauged using the Tip Gauge slot in the key vise. The key to be cut will be gauged using the same tip gauge slot. 
This illustration is made using a Silca™ Club side-milling duplicator. The Operators Manual will show and give specific instruction for pattern clamping and fixture orientation for all key machines. The Framon™ Clue™ Operators Manual will show clamping photos, specific to the Framon™ Duplicator. The Framon™ Manual is written specifically for the Framon™ machines.
Cut the First Track. The First Track of the four-Track Lexus key being cut is made on the Right Track. This track is cut from Tip to Bow, for proper cutting direction. The key will be de-burred and  reversed, to cut the Right track on the opposite side of the blank. 
Cut the Second Track. The fixture has been reversed, to place the pattern for the Left Track at the Left side of the Clue™ fixture. This track is cut from Bow to Tip, for proper cutting direction. This key will be de-burred and  reversed, to cut the Left track on the opposite side of the blank and complete the key cutting process. 
By using a Clue™ to make this key, there is no need for an intermediate (wasted) blank, as is the standard practice when using depth & Space keys. You are making the finished key. There are no wasted blanks, consumed in the key making process
The Finished Key. Here is a perfectly cut Lexus four-track inside milled key. The depths and spacing are as accurate as the pattern that was used to create it. (Calibrate your 1200CM, to insure accuracy)
There is nothing difficult or hard to master with the Clue™. It simply works. There are no complicated fixtures or special blanks. If you use a digital key machine in the shop, this is the ideal "never fail" solution for making side-milled keys in a mobile shop. It requires no programming that can crash and leave you stranded, without a way to make a key. When new keys are introduced, you only need another Clue-Card™ to upgrade to the new key profile. There is no up-loading and downloading programs that have to be loaded and calibrated to your machine. Half-Depth cuts are no problem, Progressing a missing cut is a breeze. The Clue™ is the Manual Solution to a simple task
Call Jane, and tell her, "Necessity Sent Me." "I saw it on the Web"
The Clue™ is only available through Sieveking Products Company.
Made in USA, by a locksmith, for Locksmiths.