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The National Locksmith 
"Guide to" series

These are the books that every locksmith should read.
These are the CORE "How-To" books of the Locksmith Trade.

The National Locksmith "Guide To" series

These core "How-To" books will lead the seasoned locksmith or the newest apprentice to a full understanding of the specific skill sets needed by the modern working locksmith. These books are the basis for mastering the art of locksmithing. Written by a working locksmith, for locksmiths, they are only available to persons in the locksmith trade. Sieveking Products Company is the premier publisher of Locksmith books and manufacturer of Locksmith tools. If you find a Locksmith Tool here, it will be of the finest materials and workmanship. If you find a Locksmith Book here, it will contain only the finest and most complete instruction on the subject. 
The National Locksmith Guide to Manipulation

Safe Lock Manipulation is the art of opening locked safe containers without drilling. By understanding the mechanical actions of the lock, the gates in the wheels can be found and placed under the fence, to allow the lock to open.

This book takes the form of a home study course. The chapters are arranged as lessons, that lead the student from the most basic understanding of the wheel lock, to mastery of manipulation. Questions at the end of each chapter, test your understanding of the material covered, and give special emphasis to the most important concepts.

Actual manipulations are shown, that illustrate openings of: the spring fence lock, the friction fence lock, the direct entry lock, the Star push down lock, and Mosler false gate plastic wheel type lock. (Using false gates to your advantage.) Actual manipulations are used to illustrate the various techniques used to manipulate the different types of safe locks.


Many technical illustrations and full explanations.

8 1/2 x 11 perfect bound, 134 pages     $49.00 + s&h

The National Locksmith Guide to Modern Safe opening

Modern Safe Opening
is a very complete guide to opening modern safes. The book begins by defining the various types of wheel locks found in modern safes. This establishes a common vocabulary for the rest of the book. Consideration is given to understanding the reason for the lockout, and the various avenues open, that will effect the opening. Hole locations (drill sites) and the reasons for each are discussed. Many "what if" scenarios are considered before the drill site is selected. Drill site selection, drill and transfer technique, relock devices, under dial drilling, outside the dial angle drilling, side-top-back drilling, tear gas loads, and special equipment are covered. A section on drill bit design, drill speeds, and techniques adds to the mix, to give the reader a more complete understanding of the drilling process. The book closes with methods of door repair.

This book will equip the locksmith with a well rounded understanding of the techniques, tools, and psychology of profitable modern safe opening.

This is not a picture book of "MY" past successes, it is a how-to book for "YOUR" modern safe challenges.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 perfect bound, 172 pages     $49.00 + s&h

The National Locksmith Guide to Safe Deposit Box Service

Safe Deposit Box Service can be a very profitable part of your locksmith business. Topics include the history of lever type locks, the various common locks that you will encounter, methods of opening and servicing, key making techniques, tools that you can purchase or make, and door repair methods. This type lock is found in hotel security boxes, safes, bank deposit boxes, and inner safe doors. The book covers the common and most profitable methods of opening and servicing this type of lock.

This is an illustrated step-by-step guide to the best methods and practice of servicing and opening safe deposit boxes and lever tumbler locks. It covers: Picking, Drilling, Key Making, Rekeying Techniques and Safe Deposit Lock Service Techniques and Etiquette.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 perfect bound, 82 pages     $39.95 + s&h

The National Locksmith guide to Wafer Lock Reading

This book explains and defines the principles that allow a key to be made for a wafer lock cylinder, by simply looking into the keyway. (Use these basic techniques on Ford 8w, 10w, GM 10w, Chry 7w, and most foreign)

Wafer Lock Reading is a skill that can be mastered by anyone. Anyone willing to spend the time necessary to study and understand the principles and techniques will be rewarded by the benefits of this method. Faster than impression, disassembly or codes. Avoids the liability of damage caused by impression or disassembly. This book explains and illustrates the principles, and techniques that will lead to your success in wafer lock reading. Many illustrations and author specific instructions.

See also: "Universal Wafer Lock Reader" tool.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 saddle stitched, 80 pages     $29.00 + s&h

The National Locksmith guide to Advanced Wafer Lock Reading
This is a complete study guide to making keys by sight. The expanded text covers autos, foreign autos, motorcycles and cabinet locks. This book covers each manufacturers locks in great detail, with photos and illustrations that lead the reader to a complete mastery of the art of wafer lock reading.

There are 196 crystal clear photos and detailed illustrations that lead the locksmith to a complete understanding of wafer lock reading. The "Readers Key" illustrations for each cylinder configuration make reading a snap. 
Reading is easier than finding a code if you know the secrets.
The "Four Cardinal Rules" of wafer lock reading are explained and demonstrated in photos and illustrations. 

You don't know what you're looking at, 
            if you don't know what you're looking for.
This book will make you the expert.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 perfect bound, 244 pages     $49.00 + s&h

The National Locksmith Guide to Picking and Impressioning

This is an illustrated instruction in the arts of picking and impressioning

It is a short winded, profusely illustrated and exhaustive manual of technique. Pin tumbler, wafer tumbler, lever tumbler, push key, warded, and tubular type locks are covered. Many specific methods of picking are defined and discussed, showing the tools and methods that work.

Impression tools and specific methods for impressioning pin and wafer lock cylinders is covered in the impression section. Actual photographs of the key being impressioned, will give the reader a better understanding of what to look for when impressioning various types of locks. Microscopic enlargements of the impression marks are given to further define impressioning. This is a book that covers the topic better than any other books I have seen. It contains many methods and techniques not found in any other reference.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 perfect bound, 155 pages     $49.00 + s&h

The National Locksmith Guide; Door Lock Encyclopedia

This is an illustrated encyclopedic reference of standard cylindrical lock sets.

    The first 40 pages are a primer to the new locksmith, covering topics from key cut-selection, to troubleshooting, to the the recommended service procedures for all pin tumbler lock cylinders.

    The second section of the book contains detailed photographs and illustrations that show how to disassemble and reassemble all listed lock sets and deadbolts. Depth and space information, along with pin lengths and driver lengths, where specified, are given for all listed manufacturers. Instructions for servicing Schlage hotel cylinders and Schlage wafer tumbler lock sets is included. 

The Door Lock Encyclopedia is a Handy reference for the working locksmith and the beginning locksmith alike. Written as a training reference for new locksmiths.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 perfect bound, 218 pages     $49.00 + s&h

The National Locksmith Guide to Tubular Lock Service
This is a complete study guide to service and making keys for tubular lock cylinders. The text covers picking, disassembly, decoding, destructive bypass and non-destructive bypass and advanced key making. The text addresses the 137 key, using 7-pin and 8-pin configurations. Chicago UL cylinders are also covered. All common lock functions are addressed in great detail. Text covers key-changeable tubular cylinders by Fort and Ace. 

There are 256 photos, tables and detailed illustrations that lead the locksmith to a complete understanding of the tubular lock.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 perfect bound, 208 pages     $49.00 + s&h
Click on the Book Cover to see inside.
The Locksmith Guide to: 
                       Interchangeable Core Cylinder Service
This is a complete study guide to servicing I/C Cylinders. Text covers the Corbin Master-Ring and Hotel Master-Ring cylinders, Best® style I/C (SFIC) cylinders, Corbin Russwin® I/C (LFIC) cylinders, Sargent® I/C (LFIC) cylinders and Schlage® I/C (LFIC) cylinders. The book is a complete home study course in Cylinder Service, Master Keying Techniques and Master Key System Writing. The full color "Scan & Print" section of the book gives the reader a complete array of Specialty Keying Forms, Pinning Matrix, Un-combinating Sheets, Pinning-Kit Lid-Liners, Covers, and Pinning Cards. 
     There are 241 professional Illustrations, clear Photos and descriptive Charts, which punctuate the 284 Pages of text. Learning Objectives at the beginning of each Chapter and Study Questions at the end of each Chapter, lead the reader on a "step-by-step" learning adventure. The youngest apprentice and the senior technician will find information here, found nowhere else. Insights, Hints, Tricks and Professional Short-cuts are found in every Chapter. Design Master Key systems that are "easy" to maintain. Use professional keying methods that are founded on years of experience. 
     Written by a Locksmith of over 40 years, Instructor and International Speaker on Locks and Locksmith Techniques, this book is a "must have" text for anyone that writes Master Key Systems for interchangeable core systems or Services them. No other book covers the subject to this depth or with this level of understanding. 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Spiral Bound, 284 pages          $49.00 + s&h
Click on Book Cover to see inside.
The Locksmith Guide to: 
                       Common Master Keying

     This book takes much of the mystery out of master keying. It contains many of the tricks, work-arounds and insights gained through experience. It is unlike many of the grand works of technical confusion penned by other authors. This is a Complete Home Study Course (a How-To guide) in master keying. The book is spiral bound for ease of reading and use in the shop. It is better than a class or lecture. Learning objectives are stated at the beginning of each chappter and Study questions follow the text. Answers to the questions are found at the back of the book. The "Scan and Print" section allows the reader to copy and reproduce blank forms, System Cards, Pinning Matrix Cards and Pinning Cards found in the text. If I had found this book forty years ago, my experiences with master keyed systems would have been a lot easier. It is priced at about half what you would expect to pay for a short class in master keying, at any locksmith convention or trade show. This book makes Master Keying easy to understand and will answer many of the questions surrounding the magic of master key systems. "You" can write Master Key systems, with al little knowledge and a sharp pencil. You just have to know the "Basic Rules of Master Keying."

     Written by a Locksmith of over 40 years, Instructor and International Speaker on Locks and Locksmith Techniques, this book is a "must have" text for anyone that writes or maintains pin tumbler Master Key Systems. No other book covers the subject to this level of explanation. 

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Spiral Bound, 184 pages          $49.00 + s&h