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Tools for the professional Locksmith

Sieveking Products Company is the premier publisher of Locksmith books and manufacturer of Locksmith tools. If you find a Locksmith Tool here, it will be of the finest materials and workmanship. If you find a Locksmith Book here, it will contain the finest and most complete instruction on the subject. 
The Squeeze-Play™ Hollow Metal Door Mortiser allows the locksmith to "form" a perfect square mortise in a steel door without cutting or using internal bridges. Simply insert the tool into the door and tighten the bolt, to form the mortise. Squeeze-Play™ automatically locates and center punches the locations of the bolt mounting screws.
Hardened Steel construction, Grade 5 bolt, quality thrust bearing and black oxide coated for rust resistance.
Squeeze-Play™ cuts installation time by 2/3 while preserving the structural integrity of the door. Never use a "drive-in" bolt again. Demand the Squeeze-Play™Accept No Substitute. Nothing works like the Original. Manufactured by SPC for over 35 years.
Squeeze-Play™ tool $209.00 + s&h
The Squeeze-Play™ tool creates a "perfect" square mortise in the edge of the steel door. The mortise will accommodate 2 1/4" x 1" and 2 1/4" x 1 1/8" square face bolts for deadbolts and cylindrical lockset latch bolts. The mortise is "formed" into the edge of the door. There is no cutting or loss of structural integrity of the door. The Squeeze-Play™ mortise tool has "markers, which mark the locations for the attachment screws. Simply drill and tap the steel door for the two 8-32 screws and install the bolt. This is the fastest and easiest way to install an auxiliary lock in a hollow steel door. Squeeze-Play™ will work on edge seamed doors, but will not work for "center" seamed doors.
Door-Core™ Metal Door Reinforcer
Don't install a lock in a hollow metal door without a Door-Core™. The Door-Core™ metal door reinforcer is a fast, economical and dependable means of reinforcing a hollow metal or hollow wood door at the point where a cylindrical lockset is to be installed. Sold in packs of 5.  
• May be used for cross bores of 1 1/2" to 2 1/8"
• May be used on hollow wood or metal doors
• May be used on doors 1 3/4" thick or thinner
• Eliminates "disengaged latch bolts or dead bolts.
• Centers and supports the bolt
• Eliminates binding caused by misalignment
• Prevents foreign material from fouling the lock
• Increases security, prevents "ice-pick" attack
• Used by commercial and government agencies
Door-Core™ Metal Door Reinforcer (pack of 5) $5.00 + s&h
The Universal Wafer Lock Reader™ was designed to simplify reading wafer locks. The unique scale at the tip of the tool allows the locksmith to easily judge the relative heights of the wafers in the keyway. Made of hardened stainless steel, it comes with complete illustrated instructions. Reading is a skill, and will require some practice.
    More instruction is available in the book "The National Locksmith Guide to Advanced Wafer Lock Reading," (Find it in the Locksmith Guide books section of this site.) 
    This simple tool will allow the locksmith to easily read and make keys to auto, motorcycle and other wafer lock cylinders without codes, disassembly or impression.
Wafer Lock Reading is a skill anyone can learn.

Universal Wafer Lock Reader (with instructions) $24.00 + s&h
E-Z Pull™ GM Wheel Puller
The E-Z Pull™ GM Wheel Puller is designed specifically for removing GM & Chrysler (Saginaw Column & late model with airbag) steering wheels. 
• SAE 5/16-18 puller bolts
• Hardened Chrome Molly Puller beam
• All Grade-5 Hardened Bolts
• Captive puller bolts, cannot become lost or misplaced
• Black Oxide coated for rust resistance
• Will pull all GM steering wheels (Camaro/Firebird deep sports wheels, Tilt/Telescope,
   and most Chrysler tilt wheels) 
• Close Coupled design eliminates bent puller bolts
E-Z Pull GM Wheel Puller $32.00 + s&h

The Clamp-King™ locksmiths cylinder vise, is used with a small vise, to hold lock cylinders for service. When the vise is tightened, the Clamp-King™ tightens onto the cylinder, holding with a vise grip, that will not damage or deform any cylinder.

Milled sidebar pocket holds all GM 6 wafer plugs, with the sidebar extended. Reverse the tool to hold the sidebar retracted, after picking. Holds firmly for removal and replacement of the tumbler spring retainer.

The Clamp-King™ also holds most standard Key-in-Knob cylinders for service. Ideal for holding Medeco cylinders, when installing / staking the spring retainers.

Clamp-King™ Cylinder Vise $32.00 + s&h