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Programs of Instruction

Sieveking Products Company is the premier publisher of Locksmith books and manufacturer of Locksmith tools. If you find a Locksmith Tool here, it will be of the finest materials and workmanship. If you find a Locksmith Book here, it will contain only the finest and most complete instruction on the subject. 
If you schedule a class it will be professionally presented and leave your students with a new confidence in their ability to handle the locksmith challenges they face on a daily basis. New classes on "I/C Core Service" and "Practical Master Keying" will be available soon. Call or Contact us to schedule a date. 
Institutional Classes (for: Hospitals, Colleges, Locksmith Schools, Military Bases & Businesses) with fewer than 20 locksmith students can be also scheduled. Class can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 
Certificates of Completion will be awarded.
phone: 815-874-4030
Robert Sieveking is an ALOA Certified A.C.E. instructor. 
To request or schedule a class for your association or group, enter your information below, and submit your request. Price and availability is subject to scheduling commitments. You should seat at least 20 students for the class.

Please place your request at least 30 days in advance.  

Current Class titles:
Advanced Wafer Lock Reading (8 hour)
Tubular Lock Service (8 hour, with lab)
Impressioning Pin & Wafer tumbler Cylinders (8 hours, with lab)
Common Master Keying (lecture, includes a copy of the book)