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This promotion is offered, for a limited time, on a "first-come / first-served basis," and can be rescinded at any time.

Promotion #1

All classes for the Fall 2014 season will be discounted 10% on the speaking fee.
Lab fee is customarily $50, which covers the cost of the Text, which will accompany the lecture. For lectures scheduled before Christmas 2014, the Lab Fee will be $40. (20% discount)
Travel allowance is not within my control, so it must remain the same.

Schedule a class early, to guarantee your date. 

Bob Sieveking
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Promotion #2

Order your copy of: The Locksmith Guide to: Interchangeable Core Cylinder Service during July, and receive $5.00 off the cover price. This is an "Introductory Offer," and will not be repeated. 
You must tell the operator, "Necessity Sent Me." (This is your Discount Code.) 
This offer will end August 1, 2014.